Dissolution / Permeation System - 1200
				12-position dissolution permeation contains a UDT 12-position dissolution tester, permeation system and collector. To compare the permeation rate between generic drugs and RLD, it is suggested to use this system due to the complicated in-vivo absorption, which can exist as pre-BE study to evaluate drug absorption.

Brochure(click below to download):

Permetro series.pdf



  • Compares dissolution rate and permeation rate between generic drugs and RLD and exists as pre-BE study
  • Automated sampling
  • Unique dual-pump design takes dissolution samples and permeation samples simultaneously<
  • Auto sampler to collect dissolution/permeation samples from time intervals
  • Simulating intestinal absorption by Permeafilm membrane
  • Dry heating system replaces water heater circulation system
  • Compatible with online HPLC