New Innovation-an automated USP apparatus IV sampling system, system 4000.

After months of research, LOGAN is proud to present the SYSTEM 4000, an automated USP apparatus IV sampling system.

The SYSTEM 4000 contains five essential devices. DISSO 4000 is the USP apparatus IV, for close loop systems, it is automated by a system controller and sample collector. The MC-4000 Media Changer and MST-4000 Media Station can be added for open loop systems. The system controller controls the SYSTEM 4000’s temperature and sampling interval; the accuracy of the flow rate is controlled by syringe pumps; the sample collector controls the media flow either for sampling or flow-thru. MST-4000 Media Station contains 4 large media bottles with selected pH media solution and all 4 media solutions are pre-heated and ready for transfer into MC-4000 Media Changer. MC-4000 Media Changer is a necessity because it contains a media mixing station, which is a unique buffer system that allows 4 types of pH media to mix and transfer steadily. 

What makes the LOGAN SYSTEM 4000 stand out amongst other similar products is the fact that it contains several unique designs. In the DISSO 4000, there is a power lift system to lift the flow cell assembly module. Inside the flow cell assembly, there is a tower of filters to avoid any clogging for more productive filtering. The constant flow rate accuracy is generated by dual syringe pumps; a pulsation device can be added in the system that allows variable pulses to be created in the flow thru loop, which converts the constant flow to pulsating rhythms. Flow cell assembly is inside a water jacket system for better temperature control. The flow-thru cell assembly module (DISSO 412) can be mounted on existing Logan dissolution baths, making it easy to convert from USP I and II to USP IV. This module can be purchased separately, and it supports close-loop experiments, or adding MC-4000 and MST-4000 for open-loop experiments. And as mentioned above, the unique buffer chamber and setting experiments to close loop, or optional open loop modes are also LOGAN’s exclusive designs. LOGAN sincerely hopes that this CFR 21 compliance system can meet the needs to anyone who uses it. 

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