Logan Instruments Hosts International Discussion with Industry Leaders on Topical Products

Logan Instruments recently hosted a global group discussion that brought together distinguished guests from around the world. Among the attendees were Dr. Lakshmi Raghavan from Healios Labs LLC, and Dr. Danyi Quan from Xel Pharmaceuticals, and esteemed representatives from Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Co.

The gathering provided a unique platform for these industry leaders to share their invaluable findings and insights with Logan Instruments' dedicated teams. The discussion spanned a range of crucial topics including topical products, diffusion cell apparatus, and the intricate realms of IVPT (In Vitro Permeation Testing) and IVRT (In Vitro Release Testing). The diversity of expertise in the room led to a rich exchange of knowledge and perspectives.

This collaborative forum showcased the power of bringing together global minds in the pharmaceutical and research industry. Such interactions not only drive innovation but also contribute to the collective advancement of the field.