AAPS 2018 Recap

AAPS 2018 ended two weeks ago, but I can still feel the excitement from the thee-day event pulsing through every inch of Logan Instruments. We had a great time this year and a huge success! Many of our customers seek us out to endorse our equipment and service. Companies who had their own booth such as Gattefosse, BASF, Solaris, and Sonnova are among some of them. University such as Mercer, Mississippi and Rutgers with extensive transdermal Research programs and had already established working relationship with Logan, also visited our booth in search of more inspiration. Since the show was in Washington, DC this year,  many visitors from US FDA made sure Logan’s booth will be a “must see” on their list.  The show ended with a high note that Mr. Raney himself, the “it” man in FDA, stopped by the last day, praised Logan for its good work and endless engineering innovation! 

“Great company and service and products. Their automated system is a work horse in our laboratory.” Said Jason from Gattefosse summed up what transpired in AAPS 2018 for Logan.