Next Generation Impactor
NGI - 800
				Logan NGI-800 is a high-performance, precision cascade impactor designed specifically for pharmaceutical inhaler testing. For the purpose of evaluating dry-powder and metered-dose inhalers as well as other inhaled medication delivery systems including nebulizers and nasal sprays, Logan NGI-800 classifies aerosol particle sizes into size fractions.

Brochure(click below to download):

inhalation testing system.pdf



Flow Rate Range                                           15-100 L/min

Particle Size Range                                        0.24-14.1 microns (dependent on flow rate)

Number of Stages                                          7

Operation Method                                         Impaction

Inter-stage losses                                           Low(<5%)

Method of Drug Assay Chemical analysis:     HPLC/Infrared Spectroscopy (IR)/Ultra Performance Liquid

                                                                       Chromatography (UPLC)

Materials                                                        Nickel-plated aluminum, 316 stainless steels