Automated Inhaler Testing System - DDU
DDU System
				Dose delivery uniformity of inhalation devices (USP 601) is a key quality attribute that determines the safety, quality and efficacy of orally inhaled and intranasal formulations (OINDP). The AIR-1300 is an auto-sampling system that eliminates the tedious, time consuming and imprecise manual sampling of doses from inhalers.

The initiating device in the fully automated inhalation formulation delivery homogeneity test system sends the drug to a series of collection tubes with filters to measure the delivery dose homogeneity.

The system consists of the AIR-1300 automated sampling system, vacuum pump, and airflow control, and a multi-stage impingement test tube. It is used to test the homogeneity of inhalation aerosols, inhalation sprays, inhalation powders and inhalation liquid formulations.

Brochure(click below to download):

inhalation testing system.pdf



  • Continuous testing of up to 13 discrete dose samples from the same inhaler
  • Meets the requirements of the American Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia and Chinese Pharmacopoeia, Stable airflow supply system
  • High integrity gas sealing system
  • Multi-stage impact tube to improve the test efficiency
  • Selectable gas flow rate settings
  • Built-in balance and printer for real-time weighing and recording of each test result
  • Large capacity sample flushing system to ensure accurate recovery rate (optional)
  • Simple and user-friendly design for easy operation


DDU Washer (WD-120)


Shaker (SK-360)