Semiautomated Andersen Cascade Impactor System
ACI System
				ACI Semiautomated Anderson Cascade Impactor System

(Semi-Automatic Upright Inhalation Preparation Multi-Stage Impactor System)

The ACI, is a multi-stage, multi-aperture Impactor that simulates the anatomical structure of the human respiratory tract and its aerodynamic characteristics. The ACI uses the principle of inertial impact to collect particles suspended in the air at each stage of the collection plate, according to their aerodynamic equivalent diameter.

The whole system includes a multi-stage impactor, airflow controller, AFC-1200, and vacuum pump, Controller. The system was designed primarily for testing the aerodynamic particle size distribution characteristics of microfine particles from inhalation aerosols, inhalation sprays and inhalation powder aerosols.

Brochure(click below to download):

inhalation testing system.pdf


Product Features:

  • Meets the requirements of American Pharmacopoeia, European Pharmacopoeia and Chinese Pharmacopoeia,
  • Stable airflow supply system
  • High integrity gas sealing system
  • High-precision multi-stage filtration system, which can be adjusted to achieve 4-12 levels of filtration
  • Large capacity sample flushing system to ensure accurate recovery (optional)
  • Variety of gas flow rate settings
  • Simple and user-friendly design for easy operation