Automated 6-Vessel Media Delivery System with Heating and Deaeration
				MDS-600PL is an automated dissolution media delivery system with high mobility. It is used for transporting precise, degassed media, with selectable temperature into 6 vessels simultaneously, this increases efficiency and eliminates human error. The MDS-600PL is compatible with various dissolution testers on the market. 
Brochure(click below to download):

  • Mobility with deaeration and pre-heating functions for precise media transfer
  • Ability to deliver fresh media to a vessel
  • Obconical water bath design for easy cleaning
  • Suitable for various dissolution media including surfactant
  • User friendly, color touchscreen display
  • Equipped with oxygen detector
  • Efficient delivery transfers 1000mL of degassed dissolution media into 6 different vessels simultaneously in 2 minutes
  • CFDA stipulates that the dissolution tester shall be mechanically verified after installation, movement, and maintenance. It is usually validated every six months and can be adjusted according to the use of the instrument.
  • LOGAN can provide mechanical correction tools or electronic inductive calibration tools to the dissolution meter according to user needs. This ensures that the dissolving instrumentation works appropriately and provides accurate and repeatable results. Calibration tool devices meet USP and ASTM regulations in the United States.