Fully Automated Dissolution System USP Apparatus 1,2,5 & 6
System 2400

Logan System 2400 is the only fully automated dissolution testing system that is designed and manufactured in the USA. Logan System 2400 can run 10 batches in accordance with USP 1 or 2 from media delivery to analysis unattended. All stages of the dissolution process are computer coordinated and carried out entirely without user intervention.


Logan System 2400 precisely delivers, preheats, and degasses media into 8 dry-heat vessels removing the added complication of a water bath. Each vessel has bottom and side cameras to record the dissolution for subsequent viewing and result verification. After the first test is over, the vessels automatically empty the media, they are then spray washed, and blow-dried, ready for the next 9 batches of test samples.


Logan System 2400 is equipped with two types of filter changers. This system includes an automated filter tip changer for online UV analysis. An additional membrane filter changer is available for sample collection for offline HPLC analysis.


UDT-2400 Fully Automated Dissolution Tester
Positions 8
Speed 25 to 250 rpm ±1 rpm
Temp Range RT to ~ 45oC ± 0.1 oC
Shaft size ⅜”
Carousel USP 1 and 2
Vessel Camera Side and bottom
Heater 40 Watts per vessel
Vessel Washer High-power turbo wash
Vessel drying Hot air forced dry
Filter tip changer Built-in