Automated Dissolution/Solubility/Permetro System
System ADSP 1200
				Logan System ADSP is a 3 in 1 system which is designed to improve efficiency and accelerate development for pharmaceutical R&D.


The solubility profile for the APIs in different dosage forms is achieved by using the Logan SLT-600P, 6 Stations Solubility Tester with Speed Control. Each solvent and temperature can be changed by the user in six different sample tubes. Users can find the correct pH and temperature for the API by testing it at multiple different pH levels and temperatures.

The APIs permeation/absorption is tested by using the Logan permeation cells. The cells hold the API solution on one side and a receptor solution on the other with a permeation membrane between them. The receptor solution is constantly transferred into a UV spectrum photometer giving absorbance reading to provide the information of the APIs penetration rate.

After the tablet is formed, the dissolution evaluation is tested using dissolution testing systems. The system is designed for simultaneous testing for automated tablet dissolution evaluation. A syringe pump and an UV analysis system are attached to the system, designed to analyze the dissolution samples.

The Logan PERMETRO system is used to test the absorption of tablets in the human gastric tract. This system uses the PERMETRO cell design, which holds the dissolution solution on one side and a receptor solution on the other. A synthetic intestinal wall membrane is held between the PERMETRO cell, and the receptor solution is constantly transferred into the UV spectrum photometer for reading.



Meets all current USP, BP guidelines

Seamlessly integrates the dissolution, solubility, and permeation/absorption systems

No-vibration/self-calibrating design

Optional filter system to eliminate undissolved particles

Online UV detection and data analytical capabilities

CFR 21 compliance