Automated Dissolution Online Injection System (Without Logan Brand Tester)
System AOIS 1200
				System AOIS 1200 is an automated dissolution HPLC injection system. It’s contains SYP-1200 syringe pumps and a sample injector. AOIS 1200 is compatible with various brands of dissolution tester (Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu, etc.). The system can collect samples, provide dilution, media replacement, system self-cleaning, HPLC injections/analysisand generate dissolution reports. 
Brochure(click below to download):AOIS 1200.pdf

  • Online minimum sampling without media replacement
  • Automated sample storage/injection/reagent addition
  • Sample dilution
  • Compatible with various brands of HPLC(Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu, etc.)
  • This system is used for cleaning dissolution vessels without removing the vessels from the tester. It saves time and eliminates the risk of breaking the vessels. It allows scientists to set a specific cleaning method to ensure that each vessel is clean. Meanwhile, the waste fluid is collected for neutralization.

  • High-pressure turbo wash, cleans the vessels from all directions
  • Media completely removed by vacuum to validate
  • Media level alert system to prevent overflow
  • Mobilityprovides more convenient operation
  • Tablet retainer system to keep products in the vessel while washing
  • Cleaning methods can be customized and saved