Automated Dissolution Online Injection System
System ADIS 1200
				System ADIS 1200 is an automated dissolution HPLC injection system. It contains a dissolution tester, SYP-1200 syringe pumps and a sample injector. This system can collect samples, provide dilution, media replacement, system self-cleaning, HPLC injections/analysis and generate dissolution reports

Brochure(click below to download):

SYSTEM ADIS 1200.pdf


  • It is used for drug research and development, and dissolution testing on generic drugs (e.g. tablets, capsules, transdermal patches, gels, etc.)


  • Simultaneous dissolution testing of 6-12 samples
  • Supports dual filtration
  • Online minimum sampling without media replacement
  • Automated sample storage/injection/reagent addition
  • Sample dilution
  • Compatible with various brands of HPLC(Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu, etc.)
  • Backlight kit for easier dissolution test observation
  • Built-in dissolution accessory compartment for easy organization

Extended functions:

  • Expandable to 2 or 3 speed zones, which provides different stirring rate, and shortens R&D duration

  • Compatible with mini vessel apparatus, rotation cylinder apparatus, paddle over disk apparatus and flow-through cell apparatus

  • Compatible with basket/paddle method camera system], which can record dissolution images

  • Temperature sensor in each dissolution vessel to examine and record temperatures individually

  • Dual vessel cover, totally eliminates media evaporation

  • Supports remote monitoring of application