Permeation Barrier Membrane
				Measure the mass transfer of drugs through a cellulose membrane

The Permeation Barrier Membrane allows on the basis of a permeable cellulosic membrane highly efficient detection of the passive mass transfer (mass transfer screening) of novel drugs. Regardless of the polarity of the substance, the diffusion of the different drugs may be analyzed through a membrane. Measurements with the barrier are easy, fast and reproducible. The simulation of passive mass transport can be performed by applying the Permeation Barrier Membrane in a convential Franz-Cell, side-by-side diffusion cell or other set-up thereby measuing the permeabillity of a drug.


Membrane components Cellulose membrane
Disk diameters   

       1.    25.0 + 0.2 mm

       2.    35.0 + 0.2 mm

Pore Size Not applicable
Storage Do not expose the product to the sun or UV radiation. Store it at 25℃.
Measuring range

No data available

Drug concentration 

No data available

Operation temperature 25℃-37℃
Sampling intervals Freely selectable
Test duration No data available
Analysis method e.g. HPLC, LC-MS/MS, etc.

Permeation, flux, apparent permeation coefficient Papp

drug recovery

Tested drug substances No data available
Warranty The expiration date on the label


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