Automated Transdermal Diffusion Cell Sampling System (Dry Heat)
System 918-12

SYSTEM 918-12 is an automated 12-position diffusion system designed with updated technology. It contains two DHC-6TD dry heating diffusion franz diffusers, a SCR-DL sample collector, dual SYP-12L-10mL syringe pumps and a DSC-800 system controller. 


Brochure(click below to download):

Automated transdermal diffusion cell system series.pdf



It’s used for testing permeation rate for semi-solid dosage and topical drug formulation, as well as for cosmetics products, such as ointment, gels, transdermal patches, face masks, lotion, sunscreen, etc. 



  • Bubble free franz diffusion cell
  • Automated sampling system 
  • Precise syringe pumps ensure accurate sampling and avoid human errors 
  • Dry heating method for even temperature 
  • Easy clean dry heat diffusion cells with Teflon top and bottom eliminating glass cells breakage 
  • Temperature monitor system 
  • Simultaneous permeation test for 12 samples
  • Vessel cover design ensures temperature and protects media from light
  • Variable thickness gaskets for controlling sample volume 
  • Data audit tracking function available and it complies to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements


Extended functions: 

  • Upgrade to automated transdermal testing systems
  • Optional dermal temperature 
  • Optional variable speed control for R&D study
  • Optional online degasser