Application Note: Simultaneous Dissolution-Permeation Studies-A Strategy for De-risking Formulation Changes
2024-02-21 Read270

CoreRx, Inc. Explores Simultaneous Dissolution-Permeability Studies with Logan Instruments' Cutting-Edge System!

Travis Webb has just released an insightful app note titled "SIMULTANEOUS DISSOLUTION-PERMEABILITY STUDIES: A Strategy for De-risking Formulation Changes," showcasing the powerful capabilities of Logan Instruments' dissolution/permeability system.

Evaluation of dissolution and permeation simultaneously can yield important data for assessing the effects of formulation or process modifications. These findings offer a useful link between pre-clinical or early phase formulations and more sophisticated later stage formulations, lowering the possibility of bioavailability variations. During formulation development, in vitro permeability testing is another useful technique for formula selection.
It was determined that the test formulations would show comparable bioavailability to the earlier phase I clinical formulations based on the permeation data, solubility, and phase I clinical data.

Dive into the app note to unlock the potential of simultaneous dissolution-permeability studies and revolutionize your formulation strategies!

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Logan Permetro Application Note.pdf