Technical Services

To reduce the downtime of faulty machines and ensure consistent daily operations, we recommend and will perform annual or biannual preventative maintenance based on the usage of a LOGAN instrument. We will also troubleshoot and repair instruments whenever need be. LOGAN provides the following services:

New Instrument Installation

Standardized machine installation and commissioning is the basis to ensure the excellent use of new instruments, play a performance, extend the life of the instrument

  • Instrument Purchase
    Purchase the required instruments and equipment.
  • Installation Condition Confirmation of New Machine in the Laboratory
    Professional consultation, ensuring the laboratory condition can meet the installation and operation of a new machine.
  • Inspection of Outer Packaging
    If there is visible damage to the outer packaging, the installation shall suspend, and the insurance, transportation company and contract business department contacted.
  • Opening and Counting
    Instrument opening, confirming whether the goods and accessories are complete according to the contract.
  • Installation and Commissioning
    Performance testing of the necessary instrumental components. Electromechanical performance testing, water pipeline, and other contract technical indicators.
  • Operational Training
    Provide on-site instrument operation training. It also gives professional opinions to manufacturers on matters needing attention in daily operation, daily maintenance, and maintenance of instruments.
  • Acceptance
    After the installation data and documents are confirmed, the instrument will be delivered.


LOGAN analytical instrument is composed of precise machinery and other parts. Wear and corrosion caused by long-term operation will lead to instrumental incompleteness and performance degradation. These problems may be happening in the laboratory, which will have an impact on the work efficiency and instrument life of customers. Therefore, it is essential to take decisive measures to deal with them.

Maintenance services provide special cleaning, calibration, lubrication and tester for the instrument, as well as replacement of wearable parts, and make the instrument in its best condition through rigorous and scientific procedures. Help customers get accurate and stable analysis results, minimize unplanned downtime, and improve work efficiency.


There is no charge for repairs within warranty but not included equipment failures and damage due to customer reasons (common conditions: faulty operation, bad environment), excluding consumables.

  • Maintenance
    Provide necessary information about the equipment leaving the factory, such as the serial number of the material leaving the factory, the failure time, the description of the probable failure situation, etc.
  • Quotation
    Maintenance cost estimation and official quote (outside the warranty period).
  • Confirmation of arrival time
    Contact engineers, confirm schedule, arrange work orders, and dispatch engineers.
  • On-site communication
    Arriving at the scene to understand the specific failure situation: such as the particular operation situation, instrument tester, maintenance and replacement of components, confirm the specific problems.
  • Functionality and performance confirmation of each key instrumental component.

  • Communicated about other Customer needs

  • Confirmation of Service Reporting Documents

Product Upgrading and Modification

We can provide specialized product upgrading and technical transformation services according to the specific needs of customers.


Many years of experience accumulated in the industry, LOGAN team for unique customers to provide specific personalized needs, which are covering from technical parameters customization, design, research, and development, to provide customers with high satisfaction, precision and specialized experimental equipment.

Compliance Services

To meet the stricter requirements of the FDA 21 CRF Part 11, CFDA and GMP of EU regarding data storage, security, consistency and audit tracking, LOGAN software provides database management functions, stable operation over a long period.

Installation Qualification IQ
Operation Qualification OQ
Performance Confirmation PVT

We recommend that you perform IQ services at the following times:

  • After instrument installation
  • When the instrument has moved to another location or lab
  • After adding functions (such as hardware or software upgrades) to the system
  • After adding components to the system

We recommend that you perform OQ/PVT services at the following times:

  • Conduct periodically following your standard operating procedures
  • After overhauling
  • After the instrument moves to other laboratories
  • After adding functions (such as hardware or software upgrades) to the system
  • Software changes affecting system security, data integrity, or management control.

Customized Services

Please contact us, LOGAN team will provide you with professional services!


Proper training of instrument operators and managers ensures that the users are more confident and efficient in their operations. Logan USA and the Asia Pacific have experienced experts with service teams providing customers with instrument operation training, customer sample testing, and experimental methodology application services.

Standardized Operation Training

We provide training for all of the latest Logan instruments. LOGAN's facility provides in-house training which offers a wide range of courses (i.e., Instrument operations to advanced applications and instrument maintenance courses). The course covers essential product working principle, fault technical troubleshooting, data analysis, and software training. After completing the course, you will be able to use this new knowledge to improve instrument usage and performance, expand its application, and establish more efficient experimental processes.

Personalized Training Course

LOGAN selects qualified agents and provides training services around the world every year to help them provide local customers with the highest quality, professional and rapid response services: such as customer issues consulting, after-sales technical support and so on. According to the customer’s availability, LOGAN offers workshops so that the end-users and distributors have sufficient hands-on experience.

Provide Methodological Development
and Application Support

LOGAN has worked over the years to develop the drug dissolution systems. With years of developing these systems, we have acquired a wealth of experience in this field. As part of our service to our valued customers, we can lend our expertise in the in-vitro drug release method development.Please contact Logan for more information.